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About us...


EJS is a partnership with over 25 years experience of using flowing screeds within the construction industry. Today we install liquid screed floors for new home builds, renovations and extensions across the South of the UK. 


Russell Eggleton has worked within the construction materials industry for 15 years. He has worked at both Lafarge and Hope Construction Materials. Russell's career spans both the technical product development of performance concrete and flowing screed products and the commercial application of these products in the field. As part of his role managing performance products, he was responsible for the introduction of Agilia to the UK market in 2002. Russell has worked on projects of all sizes throughout the UK including the 2012 London Olympics. Russell is known for his technical knowledge and has delivered a number of industry articles and presentations. 


Mark Jewell's 11 year career began in Cemex as a technician. His knowledge of the industry lead him to work for Lafarge and Hope Construction Materials supporting the development of special concrete product solutions in a technical and commercial capacity. He has worked on numerous construction projects across the country to enable the successful application of concrete and flowing screed products. 

We are more than happy to discuss your requirements and needs. With a wealth of background knowledge of technical applications and products, you can rest assured your screed requirements are in safe hands.