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Laitance Removal

Laitance appears after curing and is a buildup of fine bits on the surface of fresh liquid screed due to an upward movement of water and is always present and can slow down drying times.

Following installation of liquid screed, there are many choices of flooring that can be laid on top. Once your liquid screed floor has been drying for 7-14 days it is recommended that the laitance should be removed at this stage.

Then, to optimise adhesion of your choice of floor covering, it is best practice to have a moisture test.

We can provide a laitance removal sanding service. We would recommend that this is booked in at the same time as the liquid screed installation. This way, we can give you a correct estimate for the length of time your floor needs to dry before sanding, based on the depth and surface area of your site.

To find out more contact us. We are more than happy to discuss your requirements and to provide a quote for this service.

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