Flowing Concrete

Flowing Concrete (FC) is a highly fluid, self-compacting concrete; made with a combination of specially selected sands, additives, and cements.

Flowing concretes are applied via a pump where necessary or via a straight tip due to their consistency; once poured it flows and spreads out quickly whilst still creating an aesthetically appealing floor which is comparable to an SR2 finish. Due to FC being able to be rapidly poured, it saves time and money compared to traditional concrete and screeds.

Due to its properties FC can be installed with less pour points, formwork, and manpower making the installation quicker than traditional methods. There is no vibration needed in order to install flowing concrete which greatly reduces noise pollution, in turn improving onsite working conditions.

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We are approved installers and applicators and offer installation
of the following brands:

Top Flow

Top Flow - Safety Data Sheet - Flowing Concrete

Breedon Flow

Breedon Flow - Safety Data Sheet - Flowing Concrete


Evolution - Safety Data Sheet - Flowing Concrete


Flowtec - Safety Data Sheet - Flowing Concrete