Flowing Concrete Top Flow

Top Flow is a highly fluid, self-compacting concrete; made with a unique synthetic anhydrite binder.

Top Flow is applied via a pump due to its consistency. Once poured it flows and spreads out quickly whilst still creating an aesthetic finish. Due to Top Flow being able to be poured quickly, it saves time and money compared to traditional concrete screed.

Top Flow can also reduce noise and vibrations through the floor; and due to it being thinner than traditional screed it is ideal to be used with underfloor heating. Up to 2000m2 can be installed a day.

Flowing screed has a smaller shrinkage profile than sand cement screeds, allowing for a reduction in expansion joints, this creates fewer weak points in the screed finish. Reducing the number of expansion joints having to be reflected in the floor finish will provide a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Technical Data Sheets:

Top Flow - Safety Data Sheet