Liquid Screed Anhydrite


Anhydrite Liquid Screed is a screeding product that is often chosen over traditional sand and cement screed due to its many advantages.

Up to 1500m2 of Anhydrite screed can be installed within one day; and since the Liquid Screed cures quickly, there is enough strength to allow foot traffic after 24-48 hours. The floor can then be loaded after 7 days. It is also a perfect partner when incorporating any wet underfloor heating system. Anhydrite Liquid Screed is appropriate for all types of floor coverings.

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Other advantages of Anhydrite – Liquid Screed are:

  • There is nearly no shrinkage compared to sand and cement screed.
  • Underfloor heating efficiency greatly increased due to a high thermal capacity and high thermal conductivity. The Under-floor heating can be commissioned after 7 days.
  • A minimum screed depth is needed of just 35mm depth on unbonded insulated floors, and 15mm on bonded applications.
  • There is a reduced risk of pipe and insulation damage compared to traditional floor screeds.
  • Anhydrite Flow screed can be poured straight on top of timber joists to create a solid squeak-free floor.
  • Unlike sand cement screeds flowing screed is 100% protein free, making it ideal for application in medical or other areas of hygienic importance as it cannot harbour bacteria

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Gyvlon Eco - Anhydrite Liquid Screed


Gyvlon Eco - Anhydrite Liquid Screed