Liquid Screed Cementitious


Cementitious Liquid Screed is a formulated cement based liquid screed that is a self-compacting and free flowing floor screed; that is chosen for its quick drying nature and is also a great partner for underfloor heating systems.

Cementitious Screeds are a specially formulated mix of cement, binders, water, and sand; increasing the performance of the screed. Up to 1500m2 of Cementitious Screed can be installed within one day, allowing foot traffic within 24-48 hours. The floor can then be loaded after 7 days.

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Other advantages of Liquid Screed – Cementitious are:

  • There is nearly no shrinkage compared to sand and cement screed.
  • Allows for excellent Thermal Conductivity.
  • Can be applied in wet areas.
  • Allows for reduced drying times of 14-28 days dependent on the drying conditions.
  • It is self-compacting, which means that there are no spaces around under floor heating pipes.
  • There is no Surface Laitance formed after curing.
  • The easy installation of Cementitious Screed reduces time and costs.

Technical Data Sheets


Cemfloor - Safety Data Sheet - Cementitious Liquid Screed


Longfloor - Safety Data Sheet - Cementitious Liquid Screed